• Can you powder coat over chrome?
    Yes, we give the chrome a light media blast to give the powder coat something to adhere to. In some cases we have to remove all chrome before powder coating.
  • Do you have a  powder coat that looks like chrome?
    Yes, we have “Near Chrome” powder, but no powder coat has the actual look of chrome.
  • Can you powder coat wood and plastic?
    While it is possible to powder coat wood and plastic, we do not have the capabilities at this location.
  • Are there more colors available than black?
    Yes, there are literally thousands of colors available in any color and most shades, including candies, neons, textures, glow in the dark, metallic flake and veins.
  • What are your size capabilities for sandblasting?
    Since our blast booth is outside, we don’t have any limitations on size. We can sandblast anything from small pieces to large structural steel and heavy equipment.
  • How big is your oven?
    Our oven is 10’x10’x30′.
  • What are your prices?
    Many people call us to find out how much a certain item costs to powder coat. This is always tricky because without actually seeing the condition of the item we can’t give you an accurate price quote. Send us an email or call us at 473-9507.