Powder Coating

Powder coating is a very versatile coating process that offers numerous consumer benefits that conventional liquid coatings are unable to provide.  Powder Coating is a dry finishing process that uses finely ground powders of pigment and resin to coat a metal surface. Powder coating uses an electrostatically charged technique in which the powders are charged so that the particals adhere to the metal surface and are melted and fused together in the curing process. Depending on the part, it may or may not be preheated in the oven. The part is then removed from the oven and coated. After the coating process, the part is returned to the oven and baked at 400 degrees for a specified amount of time. Once the product is cured in the oven it is removed and allowed to cool. As soon as the part is cool to the touch it can be handled and used immediately. There is no wait time involved after a part is powder coated as there is with liquid paint. Powder Coating is available in thousands of colors and textures.

Many people call us to find out how much a certain item costs to powder coat. This is always tricky because without actually seeing the condition of the item we can’t give you an accurate price quote.

Platinum Powder Coating specializes in the sandblasting 
and powder coating of items such as:
•    Custom Chopper Frames & Wheels       •    Sport Bike Frames and Parts      •    Custom Car Parts
•    Motorcycle Frames, Wheels & Parts      •    Car Frames, Wheels & Parts       •    Bumpers & Grill Guards
•    Industrial Fabrications                             •    Trade Show Exhibits                     •    Fencing and Railings
•    Retail Displays & Fixtures                        •    ATV Frames & Parts                     •    Bicycle Frames & Parts

Excellent in Finish

Powder coating provides a superior finish. Powder coating is versatile and can provide both extreme and decorative performance properties. There are a wide array of color options and textures from both high gloss and low gloss applications. You can coat any metal surface and get a brilliant, durable finish that lasts for years. Powder coating can produce a much thicker coating than conventional liquid coatings with out the sagging and running that is associated with paint.

Energy Savings

Powder coating ovens require very little exhaust when compared to solvent-based curing ovens, that require heat and exhaust huge volumes of air to protect against potentially explosive fumes. In comparison the exhaust volume of a powder-coating oven is lower and more manageable, generally the air is recycled directly back into the plant. Because of this, powder coating facilities are much more energy efficient than solvent based coating facilities.

Environmental Compliance

Powder Coating is an eco-friendly paint alternative and is much more environmentally conscious than traditional paint and coating methods. The powder coating process is solvent free, producing no VOC’s as well as no harmful vapor, fumes or gases. Powder coating is proven as a cleaner method of coating. Powder coating is applied electrostatically requiring no harmful solvents. All of the powder used is 100% recyclable and all of the overspray can be reused for future coating applications resulting in very little waste. Powder Coating has been proven to be safer for the environment than wet paint applications. Most wet paints have solvents that are harmful to the environment.