Who We Are

Platinum Powder Coating is dedicated to providing the highest quality powder coated finishes to our customers.

When people think of powder coating they usually think of basic black but at Platinum Powder Coating we offer the colors to fit your imagination. We specialize in multicoat specialty powder applications such as candy, metal flake and texture finishes. We also offer standard colors such as reds, whites, blues, yellows and greens from flat and textures to satins and high gloss. We specialize in powder coating everything from motorcycle and car frames to ornamental and industrial iron. At Platinum Powder Coating, we do all of our media and sandblasting in house to ensure higher quality, lower prices and faster turn around time.

We have the largest sandblasting operation in Colorado Springs, so we are able to handle equipment such as semi trailers and trash trucks, but we also do media blasting to handle your more delicate items like car bodies bicycle frames.
We are a family owned company that has served the Colorado Springs area since 2004. We have built our reputation by providing our customers with high quality powder coatings and outstanding customer service.